Happy Birthday Adrienne~

This is very different from the usual cards that I normally make.  But recently I’ve been having the idea of making the stamped images as part of the background on the inside of the card where people sign.  AND I’ve been very excited to experiment with using tulle as part of the cards.  You can easily get them at craft stores but I found that they usually come in a very large quantity per roll….so I’ve been buying mine from fabric stores.  Fabricana has them usually about 1.99/m and I usually  buy them 1/4 m at a time, that would last quite a while if you’re only using them for arts and crafts.

**In the next couple posts you’ll see how I’ve used tulle to wrap up my friend’s wedding gift! **

Back to the card, I’ve used Penny Black’s Happy Birthday wood block stamp, Making Memories Bling Alpha – Purple and S.E.I. Scrapbook pad – Chick a Dee.  On the inside I’ve used the Greeting Farm – Miss Anya Collection and the tutorial can be found on a previous post.

Happy Birthday Adrienne!


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