C. Man…We’ll Miss You!

Good luck with school cman! My coffee boy that goes to mcd’s or starbucks at 930am every morning, a carpool buddy after work or just the plain nerdy kid that sits in the same office as me.  He’s not gone forever, just not going to be there all the time 🙂 He definitely will be missed by everyone though!!

I thought using the Cafe Ian stamp is probably the most suitable since he loves his coffee….or the girls at starbucks/mcd….who knows? Doesn’t really show up, but I used liquid perfect pearls at the bottom left corner around the circle sentiment, one of them is a little squashed, luckily its not too visible.

Michael’s alert!! Today I stopped by the Michael’s near my work and they were selling cardstock (8.5×11) for $1.99 each (50 pg)! That is the absolute cheapest I’ve seen so far, and yes, they are the same cardstock that I use for my cards….I do quite like their color collection…except for the oranges….never really know what to do with them.


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