Copic Tutorial #18 – Flirty Anya

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This is going to be for one of my dearest friend’s birthday card. I’m actually quite excited to finish cuz it’s not going to be a typical greeting card.

Actually. The next three cards I’ll be making would be non-traditional. Can’t wait to see the results!

Copic Tutorial #14 – Flutter Anya

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I really like these cute stamps, I think I’m starting to gear towards this type of genre of cards.  I hope it doesn’t stick, I would like to know I can continue to make different types of cards.  But cute things are hard to avoid 😀

I have made a card using this image (not the exact same one) for my friend’s daughter Leila, look forward to it cuz I’ll be posting it soon!

Copic Tutorial #13 – Fancy Anya

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I’m going to be participating at a sidewalk sale in Langley next Sunday as one of the 30 booths outside Clipper Street located: #105 – 6360 202 Street Langley, BC.  I’ve been preparing some samples of the products I will be selling, showing what artwork can be made with what I will be selling 🙂

Copic Tutorial #12 – Rain, Snow, Shine

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One of my favorite stamps that I use for christmas cards. I’ve used Copics in the past for blending colors but recently I’ve been using them to emphasize shadows and reflections(?).  I typically use 3 colors that are blendable in hue but this time I used two blendable colors like R29, R27 and BG79, BG75, then add a lighter color R22 and BG72.  The lighter colors of the jacket and scarf are extremely visible and it makes it look like a fold in the scarf to give it a more dimensional look.